Monday, April 3, 2017

V. Stands for Victory

Or does it? In an excerpt from his book about the B.F. Avery and Sons Company posted at , Luther “Dan” Thomas suggest that the single plow tractor introduced in 1946 called the Model V was so named because World War Two had just been won. A logical conclusion since the triumphal celebrations were still fresh in everyone’s mind. Or maybe the company was thinking about capturing a lucrative market with their new machine that was targeted at the small family farm that made up more than half of all the farms in the country at that time. That would have been a victory indeed for a small concern like Avery.

The Model V was well suited for that application. Powered by a four cylinder Hercules ZXB-3 engine displacing 64.9 cubic inches that produced 9 horsepower it filled a niche for a farmer who could get by with a single 14” plow and didn’t want to pay for power he didn’t need. Compact with an overall length of 105” by 74” wide and weighing only 1612 pounds it was an agile performer in a small field.Between 1947 and the takeover by Minneapolis-Moline in 1951 Avery produced 7,500 units but some believe a few more  left the factory under the new management.

The nicely restored example shown here was displayed at the Tri-State Antique Power Association’s 23rd annual show at Gray, Tn. in April 2016. No information about the owner was provided so credit can’t be given where due.

Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors by C.H. Wendel

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