Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Caterpillar Model 44 Pull Grader

A favorite to do on this blog is posting old iron that’s in search of a new home.

I had driven by this location a number of times without noticing this old pull grader because it has only recently been recovered from the vines and weeds that had completely engulfed it. Makes you wonder how many other antiques might be lurking under mounds of vegetation out there.

The plate on this machine identifies it as a Caterpillar, Grader # 8H770 but no model  is listed.

The best source of information about Caterpillar pull graders that I have found is at . The list of graders here identifies the 8H designation as belonging to the 44 and 30LW group, manufactured between 1937 to 1942.

Some specifications that might be of interest to a prospective buyer; weight: 7540 pounds, wheelbase: 15 feet, length with tractor pole: 28 feet, blade: 10 feet, blade pressure without scariffer: 7740 pounds.

Because all adjustments are manually controlled, a restoration would be greatly simplified, no expensive hydraulics to replace.

Possibly the largest single expense would be replacing the tires on this machine.

The asking price of $1200 makes it an affordable addition to any collector's inventory. Restored to operating condition, it could be a practical solution for someone with a private road to maintain. Send inquiries about this machine to .

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