Thursday, December 1, 2016

Richland Creek Antique Fall Festival 2016

Richland Creek Antique Power Association presented their 21st annual show on November 4th through the 6th 2016. Headlining the exhibits were this 1913 40hp Case Steamer and a pair of Rumely Oil Pulls.

More than a show with tractor pulls and antique exhibits it’s an open house at Richland Creek Farm located a few miles outside of Saluda, SC. For three days in early November visitors can wander around this working farm and peruse the extensive collection of antique machinery assembled by the Berry Family that could carry the show by itself.
The exhibits that roll in through the gate are icing on the cake.
Permanent exhibits like this 50 hp Fairbanks Morse stationary Diesel engine powering a working sawmill are in operation throughout the show.
As you walk around the site you might find a demonstration underway behind any of the numerous out buildings.
And parked along every fence row you can find some interesting piece of history, hopefully awaiting restoration.
Like most shows there are vendors selling everything imaginable. Replacing your old drafty windows? Don’t take them to the landfill. You can sell them for good money to some artsy type who’ll paint a picture on them and sell them for even better money. I know. That’s what I did with the ones I tore out of my house this summer.
We’ll take a closer look at some of what was there in future posts. For more information about the Richland Creek Antique Power Association and next year’s show visit:









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