Sunday, January 17, 2016

Farm Collector Salutes The General

When Farm Collector announced their annual show photos issue back in November I rounded up some of my favorite shots and sent them in. Members of the Foothills Antique Power Association of North Carolina and participants in their 12th Annual Power Show might want to visit their favorite newsstand and checkout the February 2016 issue because two of their exhibitors were selected to be included, not bad for one club! In order to avoid any possible question of conflict the photos shown here are not the same exact ones published so you'll have to get a copy of the magazine (plug-plug). And the winners are.......

A 1939 General built by the Cleveland Tractor Company owned by Ned Story.

A 1939 Sears & Roebuck Economy owned by Floyd Sigmon. It seems 1939 was a good year for tractors. 

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