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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Dacusville 2016

Hurricanes make great show weather, that is if they pass by to the east the day before. They act like a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks all the humidity out of the air and they carry it off with them as they leave. It’s the only good thing about hurricanes. While coastal residents were cleaning up the soggy mess Hermine left behind, visitors to the Dacusville Farm Show enjoyed a perfect late summer day.

This year’s event featured Wheel Horse products, a bold change from the usual fare. The thing that jumps out at you is how small the early models were. Not small compared to a full size tractor but small compared to riding mowers today. I have a hard time imagining bumping along the ground straddling a hot engine but they were quite popular at the time and enjoy a large collector following today.

The crowd pleasing Russell was back, accompanied on the steam whistles by a Case 30 hp portable.

Likewise the usual contingent of the Green Machine.

The Red Tractor has never been known to back down from a challenge, even if it’s painted yellow.

And there was plenty of smoke and popping for the hit & miss aficionado.

The Oliver line was well represented.

And some Persian Orange was thrown in to add some color.

Not that many for sale signs this year so the market report will be a little lean.

A 1946 John Deere asking $6,500

1953 John Deere 420 crawler for $4000 OBO.

1965 Allis-Chalmers Big 10 with attachments $1,250.
Look for more in the posts ahead for editor’s picks of interesting stuff.

Visit for information about next year’s event.

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