Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tri-State Antique Power Association Show

“Born on a mountain top in Tennessee, the greenest state in the land of the free”. Strange the way jingles and ditties like that pop unbidden into your mind. I hadn’t thought about Davy Crockett or that song since I stopped wearing a coonskin cap. Still, maybe it was true. My four cylinder Tacoma was laboring to climb toward four thousand feet where the clouds were scraping across the peaks and the mountains in every direction looked almost unnaturally verdant. I was on my way to Gray, TN. for the Tri-State Antique Power Association’s 23rd Annual Appalachian Antique Farm Show & Farmer’s Reunion.

The April 2016 show featured Ford tractors and Henry’s legacy covered the fairgrounds in every direction.

This Fordson sported some interesting solid rubber tires. No information about it was displayed but it appears to be an industrial model probably dating to the 1920’s. The industrial versions were offered with a variety of wheel configurations and attachments such as front end loaders.

The 8NCredible may have been the fastest, but it wasn’t the only hot rod at the show.

Ford was the featured marque but a variety of interests were represented.

You know you’re in Tennessee when……

I love the streamliner styling on this Case 300 brought to the show from Elizabethton, TN. by the McKinney family.

And this nifty little Massey - Harris

But then………

Moving right along, If you’re a collector you probably head for the nearest for sale sign so let's take a look at some of what was offered. How about a 1937 Allis - Chalmers.

Or a 1968 Speed - Ex asking price $400.

A 1960 Ford 601 Workmaster $4950

An Allis - Chalmers C for $2500.

Or a very nice 1941 Whatisit for $2200.

There was a lot more interesting stuff at the show so stay tuned.  A man works from sun to sun, but The Mule’s work is never done.

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