Monday, June 1, 2015

Foothills Antique Power Show 2015

There are two Foothills Antique Power Associations in the Upstate Region of the Carolinas. They are located within about 100 miles of each other and both sponsor a show in May two weekends apart which is bound to create a certain amount of confusion. This post is about the 12th Annual power Show 2015 held May 15 to 17 at the American Legion Fairgrounds in Hickory, NC.

The FAPANC formed in 2003 and held their first show the following year. The club's close association with the Legion dates almost to the beginning with construction of a pulling track at the fairgrounds in 2005 and investment in the facility continuing with construction of the Heritage Village which features a sawmill display and the Baker Windmill shown here.

A Frick sawmill was in operation during the show that is capable of sawing 2” x 14” boards up to 28 feet in length. The sawmill was donated to the club by Ira and Ann Cline in 2012. Although the date of manufacture is unknown the Cline family owned the mill since the mid 1930’s.

Power for the belt was provided by a Frick Eclipse Traction Engine. Frick manufactured the Eclipse engine from 1880 to 1936 so it’s possible that the engine and sawmill are contemporary pieces of equipment. Look for more on this engine in future posts.

Next to the shed that houses the sawmill a 1939 McCormick Deering No. 2 Corn Husker was at work. This machine uses 2 counter-rotating rollers to separate ears from the stalks then hooks on a husking roller remove the husk.

The shredded husk are then pressed into bales to be saved for use as feed and bedding for livestock on an Annharbor Hay Press.

Moving on to other displays there were plenty of nicely restored classic tractors like this 1952 Ferguson owned by Marcus Sigmon of Claremont, NC.

Yellow and Green was everywhere.

I suspect this one didn’t ship from the factory as is.

Hit & Miss fans had plenty to look at as numerous engines were in constant operation.

You don’t see many marine engines at shows like this, more the pity.

They just don’t make outboard motors like they used to.

One of the best things about going to shows like this is checking out what’s for sale.

How about a 1937 John Deere A set up and ready for a day in the fields for $13,500.

For the budget conscious a 1939 Allis-Chalmers C was offered for $1000.

Ok, but what is it?

P.S. Larry Ritchie, if you read this I’d really appreciate some local history on the M-M Uni-Farmor.

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